A Perfect Night in Montreal with Queeny

Porsche 911 Queeny

Sometimes owning a vintage car can be a pain, when problems find you they seem to always come in multiples and before you know it you might be doing a large job that you never expected. 

Queeny F1 circuit gilles Villeneuve

Having said that, there are always moments of complete bliss. Times like this evening, where you find yourself in the perfect setting, with the perfect car, and everything is working perfectly. It helps when your a photographer and the sky decides to light up a perfect clear Formula 1 track the day before the cars arrive.

1969 porsche 912/6

Since Queeny underwent her complete (and excessively long - read here) engine rebuild / turned massive car overhaul, I have only changed a few things here and there as they either break or never were fixed. This summer, was the first time I made some ascetic changes including new H4 headlights from Sierra Madre Collection, as well as a new MOMO steering wheel and a couple more changes to come.

queeny porsche werks

I'm sure there will be people to disagree, but after we modified the motor so much and she screams along like a true outlaw, I felt we needed more of a sporty look to fit the heart of the car. Hence the Nardi was out, and the sports purpose MOMO in.

1969 Porsche

If you've never had the opportunity to travel to Montreal, and your a petrolhead, Formula 1 weekend is Mecca.  A huge influx of supercars, and people from all over. I will say, though, that even amongst the seas of supercars, Queeny, in all her vintage goodness and gasoline smell always sticks out in a crowd. Theres just something about those clean old school Porsche lines.

1969 912 Porsche

I will wrap this up by saying that there is a lot to be loved, and a lot to be learned. On the way home from this shoot the newly installed H4 decided to come loose and, luckily, fell out at a stop light. Turns out, one screw in some old rusted sheet metal wasn't the greatest way to hold a headlight in. These things happen, and after the weekend I had her sorted and ready to go again.

Porsche 912

What do you think about the new H4s? Would you have changed the steering wheel? Comment your thoughts below on the current state, and thank you kindly for reading!

Queeny porsche

All images shot by Peter Reid @p_reid please contact for use. Written by Peter from home in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 



    Nice pic. Thank’s to share. From PCA RENNSPORT Member.

  • Marco911

    Let’s see that MOMO steering wheel. I like yellow headlights but i would be afraid of cops here in Quebec. Very nice car, i am jealous.

  • UberPorsche930

    H4’s look correct Peter and the yellow French glass is my personal fav. I prefer the factory sport wheel in your car as opposed to the Momo. Car looks great’

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