A Beautiful 959 Dakar and a Safari 911

Porsche 959 Dakar Rally

The Porsche community world wide is a tightly knit village. It has moved from the forums of Pelican Parts, to Facebook groups, and now, largely has it's heart on Instagram. If it weren't for the many incredible people that I have met through the ol' 'gram, Werks probably wouldn't exist in the same way it does today.

Porsche 959 Dakar Rally Safari

You may have seen the photo that we posted to @werksshop on Instagram recently of this Dakar 959 Tribute car posed beside a legitimate 959. Well, long story short, when I saw the creator pipe up and we started a conversation, next thing I knew we were planning a photoshoot for pre-sunrise on @dasrenntreffen event day.

Porsche 959 Dakar Rally Tribute

The car is a tribute based on a 964 C4, and the detail is incredible. The two people behind this build, Gytis and Damon, explained to me that they set out to create as immaculate a build as the original Rothmans Dakar car that was raced in 1986.

Porsche 959 Dakar

These guys then began to recount to me that when the car was finally up and running, Damon drove it all the way from New Hampshire to California for Rennsport. Now I know that's not flying across the desert at 100mph, but it's still an impressive feat. All I know is if I had this thing in my garage, it would be #slideways all year long.

Jim Goodlet Safari 911

Jim Goodlett (@jcgoodlett2) is the owner of this 'Safari 911' and one of the more colourful and engaging characters you'll meet on Instagram. Honestly, his build was one of the first cars I saw online in this style and I immediately fell in love with the idea of creating a 911 that you could almost literally drive everywhere. 

Porsche Rally style 911s

Not to mention, according to these guys, and most of the Porsche community, the dirtier the better when it comes to an off-road capable 911. Never clean my car? Sounds fantastic!

Porsche 959 Dakar Rally Tribute Series900

When these guys started studying the original 959 Dakar car, photos were hard to find, information on spec was limited and they went digging all around the internet to find what they could. Clay was sculpted and moulds were formed, and when I asked them if they'd ever build another they began telling me that their shop is ready and they'll build whatever a customer might dream of.

Porsche Rally off road

Ground clearance, rally tires, unlimited fun and 4wd? Sign me up, gentleman!

Porsche 959 series900 tribute

I believe that, as children, we are moved by supercars for their ability to take us to places we have never been before, never seen before, and never experienced before. The lines and limitless potential ignite a feeling inside that fuels a passion for exploration. These rally-inspired builds enact the same feeling I had as a youngster staring at a poster of a McLaren F1. Next Werks build?

Porsche Rally 959 911

 I'd like to reflect briefly and think about the first thing I said in this article; Werks would not have been the same without Instagram. It is a tool for sharing, a tool for exploration, discovery and community. It flattened the Porsche landscape and made it accessible to a young Canadian passionate about cars, photography and design. 

Porsche Rally Inspired Builds

Finally, it will be the place where you can find and most likely become friends with Jim (@jcgoodlett), the man whom in my mind created the #SLIDEWAYS movement, and also where you can message Damon and Gytis from @series900 to build your dream off-road 911.

Porsche 959 Dakar Tribute

All images shot by Peter Reid @p_reidPlease contact for use. Written by Peter, on the road in Miami, Flordia, USA.



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