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Cohn Racers Harley Werks

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Chete Cuetara (@chetelandia), one of the creators of Cohn Racers, a builder of modern modified versions of some of the worlds most iconic motorcycles. After speaking with him for just 5 minutes, I could immediately tell this guy has the passion and creativity to build something incredible. 

Cohn Racers Modified

Then he flung open the door to his van to unveil this to me, the Muscle R, I was immediately impressed with the integration of modern componentry into a classic and timeless build with extremely aggressive lines. 

James Davison x Cohn Racers x Werks

Chete introduced me to this guy, Race car driver James Davison (@jd33davison). James is an Australian professional racer currently competing in the Pirelli World Challenge. He comes from a long family history of racers going back to his grandfather. Having shot with him for one day, it seems to be he has a need for speed and love for all things raw and loud. 

Cohn Racers x Werks

This bike started life as a 2012 Harley XR1200X and has been transformed down to every last detail by Cohn Racers to become this beautiful beast you see here.

Cohn Racers

Chete says "On this particular bike, we worked closely with the customer to come up with the leather theme reminiscent of 50's race cars."

Cohn takes much inspiration from vintage race cars from open exhausts to headlight grills. I for one, love these cues, they remind me of the level of detail seen from Rod Emory.

Werks x The Outlierman Gloves

James is wearing a pair of Werks x The Outlierman Top Gear gloves in all black, they seemed like the perfect pair for this machine.

James Davison Werks

 A proper petrolhead, on a proper build.

Cohn Racers x Werks

I very much look forward to seeing the next incredible machine to come out of Cohn Racers, you can check out their awesome interactive website here, and start building your dream motorcycle today.

Cohn Racers x Werks

All images shot by Peter Reid @p_reid please contact for use. Written by Peter on the road from Miami, FL, USA.

Cohn Racers x Werks


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