Hundreds of Porsches, and the Only One I Saw Was a Singer

Singer Porsche

Having been around many beautiful Porsches, this Singer modified 911 really struck me. A fantastic colour combination on arguably, the best 911 ever built. (Please, lets hear what you think in the comments below!) Sitting beside two other Singer 911s, it still stood out. Not an easy thing to do at an event like Das Renn Treffen.


Speaking of standing out, the team over at Foreign Affairs clearly has one of the best 'Track Support Vehicles' I've ever seen. 

Porsche 912

Das Renn Treffen was different from the other Porsche events we've attended. Firstly, it was massive. Then, it had a real South American vibe with the palm tree lined streets and super chill crowd. I showed up at 7:15AM with the guys from @series900, having just shot their 959 rally TRIBUTE (post coming soon), and this seemed to be the best time to arrive as the streets were almost empty and most cars had loaded in already.

RWB 911

The venue was interesting; an open air mall of sorts completely shut down on this  Sunday. It honestly felt a bit like a zombie apocalypse, but instead of zombies there were just hundreds of beautiful Porsches finding their places along the shops.

Porsche 356

It isn't everyday that you see an original speedster, and even less often do you see a Mille Miglia competition car. 

Das Renn Treffen

At around 8:30AM people started really showing up to this truly unique event. For even more photos, check us out @werksshop on Instagram. A big thanks to @parkhaus1 for making this awesome event happen. Until next year...

Singer 911 Porsche

All images shot by Peter Reid @p_reidPlease contact for use. Written by Peter, on the road in Miami, Flordia, USA.

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