Meet Jack, One of Our Favourite Creators


If you don't already, go follow Jack (@jackuar_land_rover) on Instagram, he is almost at 100K followers and this is someone who DEFINITELY deserves it.


Meet Jack, British expat, husband, and Land Rover collector. Over the course of the last two years, I've gotten to know Jack through our collaborations with Werks. We hit it off right away since we were both entering the world of being a "creator":

  1. a person or thing that brings something into existence.

    author, writer, designer, deviser, maker, producer;

This is probably going to go in a bit different direction then what your thinking, I'd like to take a second and acknowledge ever single creator out there. Every person that puts themselves in the form of their own work out to the world. A seemingly "dream" job, working with your favourite things to produce content for an audience that has the same interests as you. 


In the automotive world, we are a new breed, and if you've been following along with Jack, you know that his story is intriguing, well told, and fun to follow. Recently, he launched his YouTube channel, and today, after talking to him via phone, Skype etc, I felt like I finally got the chance to know him! This is the incredible thing about the medium with which 'creators' deploy content, you can actually get to know a person, or a side of a person via their content on the internet. I think this is amazing. Go check out his most recent YouTube video here.


He is currently restoring his very first Land Rover, which was stolen, lost for many years, found, then shipped from the UK to Australia with the help of Bearmach (@bearmach for all of your LR parts needs). An incredible story to say the least, and much more you'll find on Jack's channels.

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Jack has a column with @land_rover_monthly which is fantastic for Land Rover enthusiasts but also very well written and hilarious to read. Which brings me back to what I was saying earlier, it is NOT easy to develop content, to put yourself out there every time you produce something and wonder what your audience will say. It is certainly NOT easy to develop and attain a large audience and Jack has done a great job of doing this on Instagram, and this is exactly why you should immediately go check out his YouTube, subscribe, ring that bell, and leave him a comment with a 👊 fist to let him know you came from here.


Please keep encouraging great content, creators, and this community that we've just getting started building. Invest in every medium which they are on, and engage with them, because at the end of the day they are people, car enthusiasts and not much different then you.


Images on this post by Jack (@jackuar_land_rover) from down under, Australia. Written by Peter from home in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Werks Defender

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  • Jan Rosewarne

    Great story & always brilliant to follow . Here’s to all creators everywhere ,

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