Porsche's Best Cars, All in Miami

Safari 911 DRT 2020 shot by Peter C Reid

It seems, no matter where you go in the world, you can always find a gathering of Porsche enthusiasts. We've been to previous iterations of Das Renn Treffen, but today was next level, the breadth and depth of Porsche cars was insane. 

Porsche 918 Das Renn Treffen DRT2020

 From 918, to Carrera GT, to Carerra GTS, every 356, 911 (air and water-cooled) imaginable, all within a couple of blocks. Not bad for a Sunday stroll, right?Singer Porsche DRT 2020

There is nothing better then marvelling at some of the greatest creations to come from Porsche whilst catching up with old friends, and making new ones. It was my pleasure today to meet, for the first time in person, Bart Kuykens (check his work, and website here), an extremely talented photographer who made his way across the pond with some incredible work.

Bart Kuykens DRT2020 shot by Peter Reid

I also had the joy of checking out one of the craziest builds I could have never imagined from the infamous Rod Emory (you can check out his website here). His "Emory RS" was so incredible in person, I can't really fathom how he made it all work... and I would very much like to give it a drive... perhaps for another visit to California?

Rod Emory RS DRT 2020

Emory RS DRT 2020 shot by Peter C Reid

Emory RS DRT 2020 shot by Peter C Reid

There were truly too many unique and specific models to share them all in one blog post, you can follow me (@P_Reid) on Instagram to see some of the other shots from this day, and of course on the Werks Instagram

RUF DRT 2020 Porsche by Peter C Reid

Porsche 904 Carrera GTS DRT 2020 shot by Peter C Reid

My only regret from today is that I didn't get the chance to get behind the wheel of any of these beasts. What a collection of cars, in public... one day and poof, gone! 

Porsche Singer DRT 2020 shot by Peter C Reid

Until the next one, huge thanks to everyone involved in making this event happen, to everyone who travelled from all around-- I'll be back next year. 


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