Queeny, in 2013


I acquired her in 2013, and she was in a rough state of repair. I mean, she ran... ok, but there were issues... many. I bounced around a few shops until I finally found Jay Lloyds. He was the man that started setting me on the right track.


The old power plant 

There is nothing like the sound of an air-cooled 911 screaming along. The problem with a lot of these cars though, is that there are so many so called "specialists" and "home mechanics" who really are not qualified and should not be working on these cars. They are a thing of true beauty. Look at Queeny, and she's been through the ringer.

This is what you'll often find. Wiring that is just asking for a fire!

So, when I first acquired her, I think it was the day I got her in the garage, somewhere between the garage and our condo, I lost the keys! Both sets, same ring. I thought this wouldn't be too big of a deal, but when you have to get a fragile, expensive old Porsche out from the 4th basement floor of a downtown garage, nothing is easy.

Queeny Porsche

Queeny, on her way to get some new keys

It took the local Porsche dealer about 6 weeks to sort out the key situation, as well as some other small things, and lets just leave that at that.

In November of 2013, I finally got to start driving, and I was completely hooked. I put the car away on the 20th of that month for the winter.

Over the winter months, considering the trajectory of the air-cooled market, I decided it would be prudent to look into having the motor properly rebuilt. I figured this was a car I was going to keep for the rest of my life, and I needed to start with her heart in terms of maintenance. 

And so began, the slippery slope...

Queeny Porsche Heart

The drivetrain, fresh out of the car

The car had its motor pulled, rebuilt with straight headers and a M&K 2-in-2-out exhaust installed. The gauges were sent out to North Hollywood Speedometer in California for refurbishing. We installed an S cam and cleaned out 40 years of carbon build up. That was the plan, only the car sat in a shop for about 14 months for this to happen. Honestly, it was one of the most painfully brutal experiences ever. I just wanted to drive the thing!

Porsche Pistons

Carbon build up

Porsche Gauges Queeny

Gauges, dysfunctional and incomplete

Crankshaft Porsche Queeny

Crankshaft was x-rayed, balanced and polished.

Porsche Motor Queeny

Starting the re-assembly

Headers Porsche Powdercoat Queeny

All parts were aluminum oxide blasted, and coated with appropriate powder

Timing Porsche Motor Queeny

It was around this time I made my Instagram public

Porsche Motor Queeny

Motor finally ready to go back in

When the mechanic went to put the motor and gauges back in, he discovered major wiring problems. For any guy that knows a thing or two about cars, those are pretty much the last words you want to hear come out of a mechanics mouth. Needless to say the timeline just got longer.

Porsche Wiring Queeny


I picked up the car when it was kind of ready. When I finally heard that sweet flat six fire up for the first time with the M&K exhaust, it was all worth it. WHAT A SOUND. It ran, well, it ran like shit. The mechanic blamed the carbs, and I drove it home not knowing what I would do next. 

Porsche Underside Queeny
Clean looking at least!

Enter Jay Lloyds, November 2015.

Jay and I came up with a plan of attack: we would leave the freshly rebuilt engine still in the car, port and polish the intake, and rebuild and modify the weber carbs to push more petrol and give us more power.  He would properly time the engine, figure out the wiring issues, and give me my baby back the way I had wanted it in the first place.

Porsche Jay Lloyds Queeny

Jay's famous shop

Jay's work was exceptional. We found some other issues along the way, such as the gas tank. We put so much work, time and money into the engine, carbs, everything, that it was a no brainer to replace the gas tank when we found the inside to be heavily corroded. He ripped out all of the crap wiring and put a new engine harness, a great support plate for the electrics and cleaned everything up perfectly.


The crap that Jay got rid of

Porsche Gas Tank Queeny

New tank and battery, properly installed.

When I came down to Toronto to pick up Queeny from Jay, I was absolutely stoked. It was incredible everything that he did. Above and beyond. Then, I drove her, and the POWER! It was fantastic, I completely fell back in love with Queeny, old Porsches, and the passion was re-ignited.


Queeny Motor

Queeny's new heart.


Porsche Jay Lloyds Queeny

Queeny and Jay's orange beast

It's been a long adventure, a road that wasn't straight and Queeny is a drivers car, she will probably go through more transformations in the coming years. For now, she's a daily driver and a hell of a lot of fun. The 2.4L feels more like the power of a well sorted 2.7L after the modifications that Jay did. Should you go out and buy a cheap vintage 911? I'd do it in a heartbeat.




Queeny now sports the official Werks livery, and you'll spot her doing hot laps of Montreal, Toronto, and everywhere in-between.
Queeny Werks Porsche
Summer '16
Queeny Werksshop
July 2016 


Fall, 2016 -- Check out the video we did starring Queeny "Sunday Driver" Link below:





  • Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos

    Few things can ignite that much passion. A 911 is just one of them. Sometimes I think that if you don’t go through the hardships, the rough journey, you don’t appreciate what you have, you just don’t own it. That’s where the real value is.

  • ALexander

    I love this blog. It’s so passionate. The pure love for your 911, the mechanics behind it and how intricate the design of the car is… It’s no wonder you have bread a brand from the love of truest amAzing mechanics. I hope this takes off! And Queeny leave the me boys in the dust ;).

  • PEter REid

    Awsome story. Never heard it all chronologically like that.

    The effort was well worth it. What a ride last week!!!

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