Real Winter Driving

Porsche 911 Camp 4

This winter, I was invited to come check out what was happening at Porsche's Camp4 event, held just a little way down the road from Montreal. Now, over the years I've had the great pleasure of participating in some very memorable Porsche track days, but this event I can tell you right now is something totally different.

Porsche 911 slidewaysI am reminded of this lovely day by the incredible winter weather we have been having as of late in Montreal. Just in time for Christmas it has been dumping snow, and I for one, couldn't be happier. 

Studs PorscheSo, the premise, take a bunch of C4 911s and equip them with Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded winter tires, teach people a few things about driving #Slideways, and off you go.

911 SlidewaysAny of you whom live in a climate similar to Montreal, know that there is nothing quite like driving a powerful all wheel drive car with good tires on fresh snow. It is the ultimate equalizer, even more so then rain. Grip is severely reduced and thus skill is the ultimate tool.911 Camp4If you take then, a bunch of high powered 911s, eliminate the traction control and place them on a private ice track in the middle-of-nowhere Canada, it sounds like the perfect recipe for some spirited driving, and most likely some serious accidents.

NhuInstead, I was rather shocked to hear from my good friend and Porsche technician Nhu (@dear_nhu check her out on Instagram) that they only had a few small incidents, and mostly just snow build up!


So I suppose the 911 is truly an all season vehicle, and can even hold its fist up against its bigger brethren the Cayenne in even the toughest of conditions.

Cayenne Winter

Now the only real problem about driving a Porsche in the winter is trying to figure out how to keep your road water unfrozen. I'm off to find a project C4s for winter conversion into a raised rally style car with room for skis on the roof and enough ground clearance to jump a snowbank...

Cayenne winter

A quick note of thanks to @PorscheCanada for having us out, and @dear_nhu for showing us around.

All images shot by Peter Reid @p_reid please contact for use. Written by Peter, from Werks Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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