Porsche GT3 Cup Canada - Peter C Reid

For some, race cars are loud, noisy things that are quite bothersome. For others, they sing the perfected melody of our favourite tune. Going to the race track is an in-your-face mind blowing experience. The sound of a car ripping by at full pull, the smells of burning tires, petrol, and superheated brakes, your eyes attempting to follow cars zooming by. It is, for any car person, Mecca.

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Bradley Price, Autodromo

For those of you whom are unfamiliar, Autodromo is a the creative vision of one of the most impressive young gentlemen of a next generation of people interested in vintage motoring. Pictured above, his name is Bradley Price; combining facets of the vintage automobile world with modern aesthetic, he makes some of the most interesting products we've ever seen. 

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