Taking The 1950 Ford Truck for a Ride

1950 Ford F-47 Werks

The summer in Canada is short, hot, and busy. As Canadians, we are forced to spend more time indoors in the winter, and when the temperature rises we tend to run screaming towards the outdoors, maximizing every minute of daylight and soaking it all up. 

1950 Ford F-47

Last year, I told you about the 1950 Ford truck we started working on, and after a winter with its motor out, she's been running very well all summer. We've driven her all around Ontario and Quebec and she even made appearances at events at iCar in Mirabel.

Ford F-47 1950After we finished rebuilding the motor, the normal slippery slope happened as we replaced/rebuilt the battery, generator, carbs. Having a hard time finding a replacement for the cracked headers, we posted about it on social media and our friends from MSDS stepped up big time, making a custom set of beautiful headers for the flathead V8. They normally work on Porsche motors, but they told us they got their start building headers for flat head V8s and it was a perfect match.

Ford Flathead V8

Once the headers were installed, we turned to our friends at Atelier Bohica in Montreal, whom specialize in building race cars, to fabricate a one off custom exhaust. Side pipes were decided, and now this 1950 sounds absolutely fantastic! What a growl!

1950 Ford Side Pipes

The process of bringing this family heirloom back on to the road has been an incredibly heartwarming journey. You don't get as many smiles on the road in any other vehicle, there is just such love for this old Ford truck.

1950 Werks Ford F-47

So, as it is right now, the truck is all original, save the new, more efficient exhaust system. New tires are in the future, now the decision to paint the wheels black to match the original colour of blue, or leave them red... comment below for your vote!

Ford f-47

I am thinking of going with a bit more aggressive tread pattern to reflect its farm truck history, like a set of BF Goodrich KO2s. I think it will round out the side pipes and slight modernization.

Ford Werks Support Truck

Special thanks to Nathan (@the.van.egmond) for the additional photos from this shoot. Other images shot by Peter Reid @p_reid please contact for use. Written by Peter, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Peter Reid Photographer


  • The Saab Shooter

    Great read! Definately agree with the beefy BFGs, they’ll give this amazing farm truck some more farm heft!

  • Jack

    Looks very cool! I like the idea of black wheels by maybe I’m biased 😃

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