The Only Reason to Leave Your Igloo in Montreal

Northern car enthusiasts know very well that as soon as their cars are tucked away for the winter, cold weather, dead batteries, salt and winter tires become the very sad reality of car ownership.

However — if you’re lucky enough to live in a city that hosts an International Car Show, winter quickly becomes just a-bit-more liveable for the petrolhead. 

Living in Montreal, we are lucky to have the Salon de L’Auto come in the middle of January. The Salon de L’Auto has been a staple for auto enthusiasts and the general public alike since 1969, and every year Montrealers are adorned with an extravaganza of amazing cars, new concepts and bespoke exotics that take us away from our foie gras and out of our igloos to keep us hopeful for a summer that will eventually make its way to our island.

This year featured a fantastic array of new production cars, updated models, a few McLarens and a fantastic Pagani Huayra Roadster supplied by a local exotic car collecter, OB Prestige.

Most exciting of the bunch was the launch of the newly designed and iconic Land Rover Defender, and it did not disappoint!


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Rev High! - Nathan Van Egmond

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