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Ford F-47

She started life as a farm truck, I'm told somewhere in Alberta. Build date stamped January 26th, 1950, she was built at "Home Office". This truck has been in my family for around 20 years. She made in 2006 from Kingston back out west to Alberta, to serve as my daily driver when I was working construction in Edmonton. That little heater isn't as warm as one would think, and the 'defrost system' was basically useless, so many times you would see my driving with my head out the window at -40 degrees on my way to work in the morning.

F-47 build date

Build date, and some serious patina. For those of you not familiar, driving something from almost 70 years ago is unique experience. You feel immediately transformed to an earlier time, in this case I'm certain that rural Canada was a much slower paced place. The truck hums along nicely at about 70km/h and these days this can either make people impatient, or on the highway in rush hour, down right mad. Having spent many hours in this truck I can tell you there is only one way to enjoy this experience, completely ignore the people in a rush, and wave them by when its safe.

Ford 239 cid flathead V8

The truck has been sitting for the last couple of years. Families grow up, things change, and unfortunately with the kids getting older, and life becoming more complicated, she was left in a state of disrepair due to a mechanical issue for a couple of seasons. Flash forward to this year, and we decided to start the ball rolling to get her back into a driving state. The flathead V8 was pulled, and we started the disassembly.

Radio F-47These trucks were, by Ford, advertised as having a "million dollar cab" to deliver "living room comfort".

Ford f-47 plateMade in Canada.

239 CID flathead V8We found one broken piston, but other then that the motor was in incredible shape. Compared to other Porsche blocks I have seen, this thing didn't even look used on the inside. A real testament to the build quality that Ford put into their vehicles from this time.

Million Dollar Cab

The Million Dollar Cab. We will continue to update you on this project, as it moves forward. I don't expect to do any serious restoration work, as it was restored to the current state about 30 years ago. We will give her some love in areas needing it, and she will be more of a rolling restoration process, meant to be driven. Next step: a serious clean and wax and a new classic Werks livery...

All images shot by Peter Reid @p_reid please contact for use. Written by Peter, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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    Nice bit o’ work there. I’m excited to see how she turns out!

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