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Porsche GT3 Cup Canada - Peter C Reid

For some, race cars are loud, noisy things that are quite bothersome. For others, they sing the perfected melody of our favourite tune. Going to the race track is an in-your-face mind blowing experience. The sound of a car ripping by at full pull, the smells of burning tires, petrol, and superheated brakes, your eyes attempting to follow cars zooming by. It is, for any car person, Mecca.

Formula 1 Weekend Peter C Reid Montreal

This year, we had the extreme pleasure of experiencing the weekend of Grand Prix du Canada with Porsche Canada. For those of you unaware, this is the biggest weekend in racing in Canada, and for much of the world, one of the highlights of the Formula 1 racing season. For the Montréalais whom love cars, it is the weekend where (it seems) every person from New York, Toronto, Ottawa, and all in-between flock to Montreal to cruise around in their best cars, experience racing, and party their faces off.

Porsche 918 Montreal Peter C Reid

It is, and always has been, my favourite weekend to be in Montreal... perhaps the only weekend in a calendar year where I would rather be here then anywhere else in the world. Sure, it does also bring a whole lot of tourists, overpriced food and traffic that is terrible, but you can't walk 5 feet without seeing a supercar, classic, or automotive enthusiast taking it all in - and for a petrolhead, this is just awesome to experience.

Peter C Reid WerksAside from all the mayhem that is brought to the city, going to the race is something entirely different. I had always wanted to go during my university years, but never had the opportunity. This year, Porsche Canada invited us to their VIP experience in the Elite Suites. The view spanning from pit lane, the grid, all the way down to Senna corner, with catering, bar, and comfortable seating was the perfect place to take it all in.

Formula 1 Weekend Montreal Peter C Reid

The thing that gets me all excited about this weekend is the feeling it brings to the city. It's a combination of the people the Formula 1 brings in, the fans, the manufacturers, the sponsors, teams, plus the people who just come to experience Montreal on F1 weekend, plus the influx (and just finally being brought out) of amazing cars to see. You could stay up all weekend, and every minute would be a different automotive story. 

Formula 1 Montreal Sebestain Vettel Peter C Reid

Experiencing the race from the Porsche suite was something dreams are made of. We also had the opportunity to visit the Porsche pits, where we got up close and personal with the GT3 cars, drivers and teams. Did I mention these are the best sounding cars I heard all weekend?

Porsche GT3 Cup Canada Peter C Reid

The weather was absolutely beautiful, the racing was fantastic to watch, and experiencing the Porsche GT3 Cup up close made for a weekend we shall not forget. A huge thank you to Porsche Canada for organizing another unforgettable experience, and hosting us for the weekend. I couldn't think of a better way to do this weekend, then surrounded by P-car people.

Porsche GT3 Cup Peter C ReidThe perfect storm of motoring -- Montreal in summer, supercars on the streets, screaming flat sixes on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, and a new paddock experience from Porsche Canada connecting us perfectly to the racing weekend - the perfect summer weekend.

Porsche GT3 Cup Canada Peter C Reid


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