Vintage Racing, and the Man Behind the Incredible Brand Autodromo

Bradley Price, Autodromo

For those of you whom are unfamiliar, Autodromo is the creative vision of one of the most impressive young gentlemen this next generation of vintage motoring enthusiasts has ever seen. Pictured above, Bradley Price has combined facets of the vintage automobile world with modern aesthetic, and makes some of the most badass goods we've ever seen. 

Autodromo Dino

I caught up with Bradley in New York earlier this summer, and he took me for a ride in his beautiful black Dino. We explored the outlying towns around New York City and I was completely blown away by the sound it produced.

Autodromo Dino Werks

The first time we met was back in 2016 in the beginnings of Werks, at a vintage race at Mosport in Ontario. He had driven up from New York to participate with his Alfa -- and easy to say, it was start of a beautiful friendship and business relationship. A couple of weeks ago, he let me know he'd be close to Montreal at Circuit Mont Tremblant for Le Sommet des Légendes-- so I packed my camera and headed up on that Sunday.

Alfa Autodromo

Bradley is not only a designer interested in capturing the audience of vintage enthusiasts. He is, at heart, like most of us, a driver. Pictured here pushing his vintage race car to the limit on a Sunday afternoon and enjoying every minute of it. There isn't anything quite like seeing these lads show up, rather unassumingly, on a weekend and a few minutes later flying around the corners peddling their vintage wheels to the limit.

Autodromo Alfa

I have been nothing but impressed with whats been happening over at Autodromo (site here) with the new Ford watch collection, and more recently the GT owners watch. I think his are some of the nicest pieces and designs out there, and feel lucky to have this incredible watch company produce luxury items all based in vintage motoring. 

Vintage Racing

Back at Circuit Mont Tremblant, the Sommet is one of the most interesting gatherings of motorsports I've had the privilege to see in a while. This very early Grand Prix car was on track the same time as Bradley and it was a sight to behold!

Andretti Players F1

A little while later we had the classic Lotus Formula 1 car at full pace singing a beautiful tune. I have had the pleasure to be up close and personal with all of the Autodromo watch designs, and there isn't one I wouldn't like to have in my personal collection. I appreciate that many of their models are numbered and that the story behind each design is so captivating. 

Ford GT Autodromo

Of course, I couldn't write an article talking about Autodromo without mentioning these stringback gloves, one of our top sellers in store. It seems to me, anything that Bradley designs and puts out there is always gold. What an incredible accomplishment as a brand.

Bradley Price, Autodromo

Having taken a second to look back at photos I've taken of our "meetings" over the last little while, I'm compelled to say not only that my job is awesome, but that I'm so grateful to have met such incredible people along the way. 

Porsche 911 Tremblant

To follow along with Autodromo, you can visit the website, or Instagram. Visuals and words by Peter (@p_reid), written from the Laurentians, Quebec.

Autodromo Alfa 277

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